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My name is M. C. This is my recovery story thanks to Newberry Physical Therapy. In the beginning of January 2019, I herniated 3 discs in my lower back. The pain I suffered was extreme. I was having to live 30 seconds at a time. Sciatic pain from the herniated discs was the main culprit. After some spinal injections, I was able to get up enough to attend NPT. The therapist did a very thorough but careful job evaluating me and making sure they fully understood the condition I was in. He also looked at the MRI results and wanted to know all of the information the doctor had given as well. Immediately I could tell a difference in how things were going after the first round of PT, and this only progressed over the next few weeks. I went from being able to be upright for only a few moments to four minutes in the first week! By the time the third week was over, I was able to walk for twenty minutes on the treadmill. By using a mix of flexibility training, core strengthening, and dry needling techniques, my doctor was very happy and excited by the progress I was making. 

Thanks to Mark Waldrop and the staff at Newberry Physical Therapy and the guidance they gave me, I was able to make a miraculous recovery. I will always be grateful for the work they made me do to have the recovery I was able to reach.  -M. C.

"The staff is very professional, courteous and helpful. The therapists are very knowledgeable in the field and truly care for you, your wellness and healing. They have become like family during my time with them. I highly recommend Newberry PT to anyone who may need it!" -R. W.

"The professionalism and concern for me and my problems went far beyond expectations. They care for you, not just as a person, but as a friend." -C. P.

"I was very satisfied with the level of concern I received from therapists working with me. All staff members were friendly, and I felt cared for by all staff - whether it was a therapist or staff in the office." -A.G.

“I enjoyed working with Jared. He took the time to explain.” -E.P. on 1/22/21

“Have absolutely NO complaints!” -Anonymous on 1/11/21

“Everyone is very nice and is interested in your needs.” -M.M. on 1/14/21

“The staff was great. Thanks for all of your help.” -L.K. on 1/27/21

“This is my second time being treated at Newberry Physical Therapy and both experiences have been totally helpful to me both physically and emotionally with my needs being addressed constantly.” -O.L. on 1/26/21

“My pain was relieved thanks to Christine and Lukas.” -J.S. on 1/7/21

“Knowledgeable and patient” -C.C. on 1/20/21