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Specialty Services

Sports Medicine

NPT offers the most innovative sports medicine equipment available and a professional staff that knows how to get you back to competition, whether you are a weekend warrior or a pro athlete. We provide sports healthcare locally for the Newberry College Wolves, Newberry Bulldogs, Newberry Academy Eagles, Mid-Carolina Rebels, and Whitmire Wolverines. 

Spinal Manipulation

Dr. Waldrop is certified in spinal manipulation through the American Academy of Spinal Manipulation. He was a senior instructor at the Spinal Manipulation Institution and enjoyed teaching physical therapists and medical doctors across the U.S. how to perform this specialized treatment technique. Dr. Waldrop uses modified-osteopathic, momentum-induced techniques when manipulating the spine to help comfort the patient and gets the results. The spine is not locked out prior manipulation, which creates a relaxed joint that moves more easily and with less discomfort.

Vestibular Rehabilitation

We specialize in treating patients that suffer from dizziness caused by vertigo- a condition of the inner ear that causes a sensation of spinning. Prior to treatment, we thoroughly evaluate each patient to determine if you are truly experiencing vertigo. We will then develop a specialized treatment plan which includes a variety of positioning techniques of the head and body to alleviate your symptoms. Patients often respond very well to the first treatment and are usually discharged after 1-3 visits!

Other Services Provided

Orthopedic Post-Operative Care

Pediatric Care

Geriatric Care

Balance and Fall Prevention

Certified Dry Needling

Custom Foot Orthotics

Functional Capacity Evaluations/ Impairment Ratings

Industrial Rehabilitation

On-site Industrial Ergonomic Consultations/ Seminars

Neurogenic Rehabilitation

Certified dry needling is one of the many services provided at NPT. Dry needling entails the use of small needles inserted into myofascial trigger points to reduce pain and improve function. 

2PT Program

The 2PT Program is designed to allow patients who have been formally discharged to continue to participate in a wellness program to maintain and improve the functional gains they achieved in physical therapy. Participating patients can come at their convenience during operating hours for their independent work out. Contact us at 1 (803) 276-7370 to check for availability.